Please, if you are inquiring about puppies/adults, state where you are located, as well as a brief description of your lifestyle. Please state whether you have a fenced yard or not, whether you have had a dog in the past and what happened to it, how many are in your family, children and what ages they are. We get a large number of emails from all over the globe and this will help to determine whether we have the right puppy for your situation. We reserve the right to refuse any sale we deem unacceptable for one of our puppies.
When you make an appointment with a breeder to view puppies, please have the courtesy to arrive on time or call to cancel or rebook the appointment. Our time is valuable and we have other things we could be doing other than waiting for a no show. Thank you!

Shelties: Please see our upcoming litters page to see what
we may have coming in the near future.

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