Cedargates The Midnight Bandit CD, CGC, FDM

Bandit was the first Sheltie our family loved. It all started way back.....when my oldest daughter, then one week before her first birthday, was bitten by the family dog. This dog didn't like little kids as he had been unmercifully teased by them when he was younger. My daughter, Amy, used to scream when a dog would bark even 3 blocks away. Nightmares were a constant reminder that this little girl was quite terrified of dogs. My family doctor told me to get a puppy. That this would hopefully help Amy get over her state about dogs.

I researched the many breeds and had always loved Lassie (didn't everybody!) but the home we were living in at the time would not permit such a large dog. So a Sheltie was the next best thing! As it turns out, it was THE best thing!! We brought this little black bundle of fluff into our home and into our hearts and as they say....the rest is history! Amy now helps with delivering puppies and dewclaw removal. She has even claimed one of our dogs as her very own.

I was told when I purchased Bandit that he may be "show quality". This intrigued me. I talked to other breeders and had them evaluate Bandit for me. Unfortunately, Bandit just wouldn't cut it in the Conformation ring. So he was neutered and we started him on an obedience career.

After Bandit achieved his Companion Dog title, my husband took him through Flyball. There Bandit was a star! My two boys in my family were off to the races!! They joined a Flyball team called Four On The Floor. For 5 years Bandit had tons of fun. In his short career, he had completed his Flyball Dog, Flyball Dog Excellent and Flyball Dog Master titles. At one point he even ranked #5 Sheltie in all of North America for points earned. Not bad!!! We were sad to have to end this illustrious career but due to an injury, Bandit has arthritis in one shoulder, and for the good of his health we have retired him from competition. We just haven't told him yet!!

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